Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS Protocols

HTTP: - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol HTTPS: - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure In simple Words HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a system to send and receive data between user and server and in other words HTTP and HTTPS, both are internet protocols which are used to access HTML (web) pages. Whenever we try to access ...
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Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Just by searching the terms “Website Hosting” in Google, you will find over 58,000,000 results. Yeah yeah, not all of them are good hosting companies or even hosting companies (they could have false keywords or teach how to host a website, etc.), but the choice of what service you will pick could impact your website ...
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Blog Posts: Quality or Quantity?

The length of the blog post is critical as a blog should be created within the attention length span of online users and Why t Focus on Quality possible followers. A blogger should put this always in mind as most of the online users are checking out more than one website at a time. When the ...
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Traditional Ways vs. Techie Ways

Before the emergence of the Internet and the worldwide web, print media has been the most common way in generating leads and directing people towards a certain business or opportunity. But with the advantages being brought about by technology, it is the social media networks and search engines that are bringing attention towards the establishment ...
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