How to Write a Press Release for Traffic and Backlinks

When launching a new site, product, service or promoting an existing business, a well-crafted press release has all the potential to gain attention from industry experts, news outlets, bloggers and most importantly, customers. If you’re lucky enough to find your press release syndicated by a...
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Which TLD Domain Extensions Rank Best in Google?

In this article, we’ll explore a statistical analysis of how TLD domain extensions rank in Google based on search results for common keywords. One of the most commonly asked questions on webmaster forums is “Which domain extensions rank best in Google?” and the answers given...
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Do You Really Need a Ghost Writer -Check This

When you’re first getting started with internet business, it’s easy enough to do your own web writing – whether it’s a 100-word product description for your e-commerce store or a longer article for directory or Blog submission.  Unlike more complicated skills such as web design...
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How to Select a No Risk Market

Is there really such a thing as no risk market selection? Don’t I wish! Truly, there’s risk involved with anything we do in life, down to getting out of bed in the morning. But if you follow this blueprint, I think you’ll agree it’s about...
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Landing Page Intelligence and Analysis

Next, you need a landing page. I do not promote anything with a direct link to the affiliate program (which is why I had you set up a generic domain to test all your niches) you may also like to read Affiliate Programs Rules). -...
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Google Adwords Inception -Tips and Tutorials

Now you have your generic domain name, your landing page as I outlined in my “Landing Page Intelligence” module, your keywords and the affiliate program you’re going to promote. All that’s left is to put it altogether by firing up your Adwords campaign. Google has...
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Google Manual Penalty Guide

Google Manual Penalty
It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I only do so when I’ve got something important to write about. And I definitely have some important stuff to let you know about. There’s a lot going on with SEO, especially Google, and a lot...
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