WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

Blogs are now one of the most used sources of information on the internet. Most people, however, use tools such as WordPress to create their blog for the reason of pure simplicity. WordPress allows you to change your blog’s theme, write and edit posts and...
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How to become a Successful blogger

What I like about blogging is, every blogger has the chance and opportunity to create a successful blog in their own unique way. Let’s be real there are not much rules in blogging, however there great tips and practices that you can put to good...
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12 Refreshing Ways to Write Engaging Content

Blogging is all about publishing the contents for your readers. A number of blogs publish unique and excellent quality content but somehow fail to engage their readers in active interactions. Increasing the number of readers is desirable but after that you would want your readers...
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How to Increase Your Productivity

I’m Going to Publish my eBook, Website Basics in 12 Pages shortly, you will realize how deeply I feel about writing good content. Many people, however, can’t stay on task while writing or doing other things like replying to emails or comments. If you can’t...
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How Often You Should Be Publishing Content

Content is, essentially, the heart and bones of your efforts. It’s really not important that what kind of niche you have selected and on which subject you’re going to write. The reality of the situation, however, is that the frequency at which you publish content...
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Five things your About Page needs

How to Design About Page
An about page is a page that can tell your readers everything about you. As discussed in my past article, an about page can help your readers tell if you are reliable and what you are about. Most people, however, get confused when trying to...
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How I am Able to Write Every day

Over the last 19 days (this makes 20!), I have written an article every single day. In total, I have written 52 articles. I know that isn’t a fantastically amazing amount, but it still is a decent amount, especially since I haven’t missed a day...
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How I Doubled My Traffic in One Week

How to Double your Traffic
Do you have a blog with good content, but still receive minimal traffic? I was at that point about three weeks ago, and it really was annoying me. I thought I was doing everything I should have been doing to get as many visitors as...
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